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ok so in less than 24 hours i went from being so happy about the car and the cruise and everything to so stressed out.

i checked yesterday during the day to find out the status of my camera which is being fixed for the third time. maybe fourth, i'm losing track. it hasn't worked correctly since i dropped it in trafalgar square in london last summer. it still worked MOSTLY for a while but for the past few months it's been totally broken. so i check the status and it says they are awaiting my approval on additional repair charges, even though i have a four year warranty. ughh ughh ughh but they didn't call me or my house to say what the additional repair charges are and i don't know where to call to find out and this means i am probably not going to have my camera for the cruise. ugh ugh ugh. this camera is only a year and a half old.

then last night we crashed the senior bar crawl event that i didn't pay for, which was at down the hatch/off the wagon. while at down the hatch, i'm texting tony on my phone a little. then i go to pee and as i pull my jeans down i hear a plop. MY PHONE WAS IN MY BACK POCKET AND FELL INTO THE TOILET. i am so stupid. i forgot it was there. so now my beautiful white palm centro is broken, there's water in the screen so i haven't tried to turn it back on since last night but i'm pretty sure i fried it. the phone is less than a year old.

i cannot, and i mean cannot, afford a new camera or a new phone. I HATE ELECTRONICS.

i also have no one's numbers written down and i sure as hell don't know them by heart. i didn't even know tony's to use someone else's phone last night to let him know not to worry that i was unreachable... blahhhhh. i just hope my SIM card is salvagable and that i can put it back in my old phone...
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