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long island in september? four years since i've seen this

people tell me i should update this more. which, you know, i should.

but i have an urge to start new, start a blog somewhere where no one I know IRL can read it. that's what keeps me from updating most of the time- censuring what i'm going to write because i know so and so or so and so can read it and maybe talk to so and so about it is exhausting.

plus i feel like i'm living a new life now. moving back home, starting a new school, working almost full time. it's all very different from the routine of the last four years. or the four years before that. which is how long i've had this livejournal.

i'm not as depressed as i thought i would be about living this new anticlimactic life (so far), but i think it's just because i'm busy.

it was a good summer, save for the health issues. the last of a string of five summers Tony and i basically spent mostly together. the fact that we will never have another summer like the five past is surreal. granted, they were all different, and last year we were separated for most of the summer, but i've been spending summers with him since i was 18. i don't know anything else...

i feel like such a long island girl lately, and i don't really like it. driving around my new car to commute to CW Post, working retail... life is just flat here. i mean i love long island, but i miss my city. its the only place i feel like i can really BREATHE. i get out of the subway and i always just feel relieved. like, yes, this is where i'm supposed to be. i don't know how to describe it.

weekend before last was anne's 21st birthday, and that was the last time i saw NYC. it was fun, a good crowd of people. we went to some downtown bars. it was odd being at Wagner and being homeless. Like... i don't live here anymore.

last sunday i had a party at my house for labor day weekend festivities. it was last minute, so i was worried, but a good 11 or so people showed up, including 3 from work, so that was good. my new love is michelob lime. i also have another new love, but because this is LIVEJOURNAL i can't talk about that here.

so far work hasn't been scheduling me sat/sun, which is convenient, but it's still a REALLY long week. i basically work 9-4 mon to wed, and have classes at 5 on all those days. then i close 4-8 on thursdays and work an 8-hour all day shift fridays. so 30+ hours a week plus full time school.

it's a good thing school looks like it will be a cakewalk, i've had two classes so far and i've learned everything in them during undergrad already. it's just REALLY annoying that i have to pay to take classes that i've already taken. Post annoys the fuck out of me, especially since i'm paying DOUBLE what they told me it would cost to go there. i could be going to Wagner and living in an apartment for the same price. but then i'd have to do student teaching in a NYC school.

the joy of student loans.
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