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perfect fifths

so i just finished reading Perfect Fifths. like, literally, thirty seconds ago.
holy fucking shit.
ok, admittedly the third and fourth installments of the series weren't that amazing. but holy fucking shit. why did i wait this long to start- and then finish- this book? it laid on my bedroom floor for six months before i even picked it up and then laid around for another 3 months before i finished it.
and i cried from page 245 to the end.

i think i delayed reading this book because it has too many parallels to my life right now. i knew it would, and i knew it would make me emotional, so i distanced myself from the stupid BOOK and tried not to get too into it.

i was about halfway through it on my flight home from Chicago last night. Chicago was surreal enough, emotional enough- after all, it isn't everyone and every day that you get to see your little sister in a broadway musical. so i guess i decided to top it off by finally reading this book. i read it in millennium park by Emily's apartment and then i read it again on the plane. so yes, halfway through, i stopped.

i had to talk to someone about it.

this is how i know a book is really, really, good.

so i got out a pen and defaced one of the spare blank pages at the back of the book to write tony a letter.

about the book. about us.

i was in Chicago, he is in Seattle, i was on a plane with no electronic communication available. so i reverted back to my "tony is in field training" method and wrote him a letter. and it felt good. everything about this book felt good. and heartbreaking. and perfect. and imperfect. and full circle.

and i just wanted to tell you, livejournal, about that.

in my first public entry in many months.

i wish i wish i wish
i wish our love was right now and
(you yes you)
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