sarahface (leviosa) wrote,

Honestly, I have never been happier.

It's odd, this reckless happiness I am swimming in this summer.

I'm not working too much, I'm sleeping late, my boyfriend is perfect... my friends are perfect... there have been and will be so many weekend plans and parties and trips packed into these four little months.

I guess it is like the last spoonful of ice cream on the bottom of the cup, the one you spoon into your mouth and savor as it melts.

Because basically, my adolescence is melting away. I've said this about different milestones before, but REALLY this is my last summer that will be like this. My last summer with Tony on Long Island, my last summer with a lot of his friends, my last summer where I'll be "going back to school" in september-- even if grad school isn't the same anyway.

I don't want to say no to anything. I want to spend all my money and I want to get drunk every night and I want to go everywhere and do everything. Already there was Las Vegas and then in a few weeks there'll be the Harry Potter park and then maybe Dorney Park with Tony, and then two of his friends are going to London and Dublin the first couple weeks in August... if there were any way I could swing that I would, but I still have to have some money so we can go to jamaica/mexico the first week in september, and there's Veronica's wedding weekend in mid-august too... and just the graduation parties and birthday parties and fourth of july parties and warped tour and... can't real life just be like this?

I'm not looking forward to my emoself returning when he leaves at the end of september.
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