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my life has become so cryptic and messed up and private that i haven't written a public, or even a friends only entry, since June.

I have been writing. You probably just can't see ;]

For those who are nosy about my life i will just give you the past months' journal entry titles.

an exercise in futility
can you please gtfo of my life
air force beer pong!
drunk and disorderly. i wish.
this is a song about the way you make me shake
welcome to your new saturday nights
you say we're too young but maybe you're too old to remember
bronx pub crawls
wow this is long
going insane
she's never gunna love you like i want to
tmi tmi tmi
stand there and watch me burn... some more
the end of my social life and sanity as i know it
girls are sexy
is resentment a good motivator?
getting out of hand, a mess to be made

it's like some awful erratic poem. so there. now you know SO MUCH about me. there isn't anything i want anyone to know about me anymore.
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